Honeybee Mug

Honeybee Mug

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Part of the Honeybee Collection - The Honeybee Mug is a beautiful reminder that encourages us to "return to the Lord" and deposit all of the experiences we collect throughout our days, just as honeybees return to the hive to deposit the pollen they collect. 

You will love the look and functionality of the Honeybee Mug! She is ceramic, with a glossy, white speckled pattern exterior, a white interior, and an unglazed base. 

We love the large angular handle which allows for easy grip, and being able to slip your whole hand around the mug! 

Each mug comes with a card that explains the story of the Honeybee! Perfect for gift-giving! 

 * Mugs are available for purchase now and will ship / be available for pickup the week of 9/12/21. Thank you for your patience! *