Mini Cross Necklace

Mini Cross Necklace

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This necklace is a timeless, minimal piece that will look beautiful for years to come! 

The Mini Cross Necklace is 14K gold filled and is handcrafted in the USA! What is gold filled? It is a layer of gold pressure bonded to a base metal, typically a jewelers' brass. Gold filled is different than gold-plated and here's how: 

  • Gold filled contains a substantial layer of 14kt gold, rather than a microscopic layer of gold plating (or gold dipped). Gold filled is required by law to have at least 5% or 1/20 of gold by weight. Consequently, gold filled is worth more and maintains its value better than gold plated, which has a minimal amount of gold.  

  • The process of pressure bonding makes the jewelry tarnish and chip resistant, unlike gold plating. This is why gold-filled jewelry is about double the price of gold-plated jewelry. A gold-filled finish will not flake off or chip and is tarnish resistant, if properly maintain and cleaned.

Chain Length: 16" 

CARE: Limit exposure to chemicals (hairspray, shampoos, pool/spa chemicals, etc.) Cleanse with a mild soap and water / pat dry. 


Please be advised that this is a preorder. Your Mini Cross Necklace will ship in approx. two weeks from when your order is placed. If you are interested in special ordering an 18" length chain (instead of 16"), please contact RBco. via email with your order number.