Rosewood Clay Bracelet

Rosewood Clay Bracelet

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The Rosewood Clay Essential Oil Bracelet is such a pretty, on-trend, bracelet that you will love!

Rosewood is beautifully strung next to gold accents and white clay discs!

Wear this beauty by herself, or stacked next to other bracelets like the Portland Cuff or Riverstone Bracelet! 

How to use essential oil bracelets: 

Enhance healthy living by adding a couple drops of your favorite essential oil to the wood beads. Gently massage the oil into the rosewood. Breathe in the aroma everywhere you go and enjoy the benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy on-the-go! The best part is that you look completely stylish while doing so!

One size fits most. 

Made locally by Aspen Essentials. Thank you for supporting small business!