Tesla Lava Rock Bracelet

Tesla Lava Rock Bracelet

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The Tesla is both beautiful and functional!

Lava rock bracelets are so on trend because they can be used to elongate the scent/uses/benefits of essential oils. The porous lava rock is the perfect place for essential oils to hang out and provide longer lasting scent as opposed to application directly on the wrist.

The stacking possibilities are endless! Stack one, two, or several and don't be afraid to stack with other styles and bracelet materials!

*** PLEASE NOTE: Certain essential oils should be diluted if several drops are being used on the Charlize Lava Rock Bracelet. (i.e. Peppermint oil can sometimes cause a burning sensation when directly applied to the skin) Be sure to always practice safe and appropriate use with essential oils. ***

Color options: Charcoal + White (black tassel) OR Charcoal + Rose (black tassel) both options are designed with gold spacers.

OS fits most

The Tesla is handmade by Lake Wickenheiser. Lake is a local highschool student who loves art and designing handmade jewelry. You are directly supporting her passion and talent with your purchase. Thank you!!