Glory Nature Board

Glory Nature Board

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Meet the Glory Nature Board!

A (finally not plastic) way to unplug your kids, get them outside, and take in the wonder of God’s creation. The details of each flower, leaf, pebble and blade of grass are all tiny miracles waiting for them to find.

How do you use it?

GATHER: flowers, leaves, grass, pebbles, moss, feathers, seeds and dirt, and place them in the holes and trays.

GLORIFY: “the earth is filled with his glory.” Isaiah 6:3

And repeat! The best part is this board is reusable. Take it with you on hikes, place it in their tree house, hang it by the door, or send it along to the grandparents house. The kids will love getting to find new treasures each time.

Product and description artfully crafted by a local small business.